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If We Build It, They Will Come

Theme Authenticity Checker 

Security is certainly one of the most important issues which we have to deal on the Internet, and with websites created with WordPress is a big issue too. However, many webmasters, developers and bloggers ignore it until the time comes when your site is hacked or some virus threatens the integrity of their websites.

There are several security plugins that can help strengthen the security of any WordPress installation. One of the most recommended is iThemes Security, an excellent plugin that covers security needs and protects the platform of many possible attacks or security problems.

Nowadays not only the big websites are a target for hackers, the small companies also report hacking problems on their websites, and most of all because they don’t pay attention to security measures.

If you have not installed iThemes Security, you can download it here. And another plugin to download is Theme Authenticity Checker.

One of the security problems that many developers have with WordPress and do not know is that it is possible to use a theme with malicious code, vulnerabilities or links to SPAM sites.

This mainly happens in the following scenarios:

  • Using a poor quality theme 
  • Using a free theme, poorly developed or troubled
  • Download illegally a premium theme and where the provider will put malicious code or some other malware

No matter what theme are you using, it is important to check all to be sure that is in good condition and doesn't present vulnerabilities that can endanger your blog or website. Even when the theme is installed, but not active, can cause a few headaches.

With Theme Authenticity Checker you can check in a couple of clicks on what conditions is the theme and plugins that you have installed on WordPress. If there is a problem with either the plugin or others, the software notifies you and you can take action.

When all this correctly, you will see it too and the plugin will notice you the good news.

Remember that for security concerns WordPress, the best is always to be noticed for not to have to act when your site is in danger. Take precaution, is better to take security measures since day 1, don’t regret your actions when is too late.