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If We Build It, They Will Come

WordPress will migrate to HTTPS all available sites on its platform

As we know, more than 25% of existing web sites on the Internet today are based on WordPress. There is no more popular platform than WordPress. And for that reason, each day news about the platform are published along technology websites and newspapers.

In this regard, on the same road that other technology companies, WordPress also includes support for HTTPS connections by default, the free platform will deploy encrypted connections to all those who have a custom domain within its hosting platform. 

At this point, it should be noted that new custom domains that will be incorporated from now will already have directly with HTTPS connections, while previously existing custom domains will be updated progressively to cover all custom domains. At present, all those who already have a site on already have HTTPS connections by default.

The news was published in many technology sites, and they assure that WordPress has decided to include in their new versions the feature. In one of these sites, The Next Web (TNW) millions of websites will be upgraded. This is the link to the article:

The initiative to bring encrypted connections to all websites available under the platform has been possible thanks to the agreement with the Automattic and the certified nonprofit organization Let's Encrypt. 

And regarding WordPress based websites that are working on their own servers, they have a solution too: through WordPress site, there are available a number of plugins that will allow enabling secure connections to such websites.

There is necessary to remember that, among other things, have to enable encrypted connections will have to web sites have more chance to be in a better position within the search results.

Every day new articles are published and show that the software industry is constantly changing, offering users new possibilities and further improving the systems in which millions of people trust their companies.