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If We Build It, They Will Come

Digg Digg a plugin to make your content viral

Social networking is always an important tool for marketing, share content and generate traffic to any blog or website.

There are a large number of plugins in WordPress to do this, like Sharebar, a plugin that allows you to insert a bar at the side of the posts that allow users and readers to share in different social networks easily and quickly.

Sharebar configuration is a bit tedious and involves inserting some codes to your website and it is the best use for SEO and social networks to increase traffic.

But there are some alternatives, and Digg Digg is one of them, an excellent plugin that does the same that Sharebar and it does not require any previous knowledge of coding and can be used with the best social networks!

Digg digg it is maybe the best plugin for insert buttons and makes social networking and viral marketing.

In this article, we will see, step by step, how to set up this excellent plugin in your WordPress based website.

1. Enter your main desktop and click WordPress Plugins> Add New.

Search Digg Digg, install and activate it.

2. Since it is set up, you will see a section called "Digg" on the left side of the desktop. Enter to the Global Setup option.

In this part, you will see options to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks,  add your user to make you mentioned every time someone shares a post. Also review other options if you need to change something.

3. Now that you get your accounts, enters the Floating Display section. This is where you enable or disable various social networks that appear in the sidebar.

You can also set if you like to make the option to share only in your post or in pages, exclude some categories and others.

If you need to reset the options, click on the part up under the blue button that says Floating Reset Display Settings.

4. Now you will see a bar on the left side of your posts and your readers can share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Digg Digg has also a very clean and attractive design. Although the app has not been updated in two years, users still leave good reviews on WordPress site.

They recommend Digg Digg on Sharebar as it is easier to set up, modify and includes by default different social networks without having to add them with code or other methods.