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If We Build It, They Will Come

WordPress will migrate to HTTPS all available sites on its platform

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in News | Comments Off on WordPress will migrate to HTTPS all available sites on its platform

As we know, more than 25% of existing web sites on the Internet today are based on WordPress. There is no more popular platform than WordPress. And for that reason, each day news about the platform are published along technology websites and newspapers.

In this regard, on the same road that other technology companies, WordPress also includes support for HTTPS connections by default, the free platform will deploy encrypted connections to all those who have a custom domain within its hosting platform. 

At this point, it should be noted that new custom domains that will be incorporated from now will already have directly with HTTPS connections, while previously existing custom domains will be updated progressively to cover all custom domains. At present, all those who already have a site on already have HTTPS connections by default.

The news was published in many technology sites, and they assure that WordPress has decided to include in their new versions the feature. In one of these sites, The Next Web (TNW) millions of websites will be upgraded. This is the link to the article:

The initiative to bring encrypted connections to all websites available under the platform has been possible thanks to the agreement with the Automattic and the certified nonprofit organization Let's Encrypt. 

And regarding WordPress based websites that are working on their own servers, they have a solution too: through WordPress site, there are available a number of plugins that will allow enabling secure connections to such websites.

There is necessary to remember that, among other things, have to enable encrypted connections will have to web sites have more chance to be in a better position within the search results.

Every day new articles are published and show that the software industry is constantly changing, offering users new possibilities and further improving the systems in which millions of people trust their companies.

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Instant Articles of Facebook is compatible with WordPress

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Instant Articles of Facebook is compatible with WordPress

A few days ago Facebook announce a new feature: Instant Articles, a way to introduce the company to the blogging and microblogging world, something that Mark Zuckerberg’s company was trying to make in the last months. And now, they inform that blogs created and hosted on WordPress will be compatible with Instant Articles.

The company, released a statement informing that any WordPress blog can now take advantage of this feature, Instant Articles has an advantage and is that articles and publications are loaded almost immediately after clicking on them.

Facebook said that any site, blog or website can use Instant Articles in April. Enabling the extension from today, WordPress ensures that all blogs hosted on its platform or sites within WordPress VIP will be part of Instant Articles from April.

Instant Articles is now available for some weeks for iOS and Android but was used for several months by companies like National Geographic and New York Times, and allows publication charge up to 10 times faster than a traditional page. Users are response very well to the feature and have excellent review for editors and publishers. In addition to increased speed of loading, Instant Articles also have another advantage: instant play on videos and an HD quality in pictures and graphics.

This is a excellent news for people who use WordPress for their blogs, especially because it has been found that Articles Instant increases clicks and shares on Facebook, but, in the other hand, also raises doubts about monetizing advertising.

Instant Articles is not the only initiative to make the fastest and easy to use mobile Internet. We know that Google also has a similar project, called AMP (stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages). Google says that pages with AMP under the scheme are as traditional HTML pages, but with some technical changes for specifications of open source program. Google, contrary to what Facebook established at the beginning, said that any website within the program will work with any browser or web application display.

The importance of increasing the loading speed for mobile platforms is paramount. According to a study published in comScore, smartphones and tablets are already more used than computers and in the United States, 60 percent of the time that people intended in Internet is performed from a mobile device.

Nowadays if you want to have shares and likes in Facebook you have to think in the better way to deliver the information to your readers, and social networks is now the best way to do it. If the social networks are improved his services, you have to be alert and willing to change what ever you need to be in the market, and the work that Facebook and Google are doing, with these improvement to mobile system, can benefit your company.

For those who use WordPress as platform the Facebook’s the press statement is an excellent news, not only because your website can continue using all the tools without making bigger changes (like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and templates), but you will be improve your service or product.

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