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If We Build It, They Will Come

9 hooks to increase your list of subscribers. Intro.

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on 9 hooks to increase your list of subscribers. Intro.

What offer my readers to subscribe to my newsletter?

The number of subscribers. Is it frustrating you? Everyone talks about how important it is to have a list of subscribers, making email marketing, large numbers of subscribers, but it is frustrating to see itself with two digits, if we're lucky.

On the other hand, even more they bombard us with conceited and boastful text messages of "Join the more than 5000 subscribed", "100,000 subscribers and counting" …

How is that so many people subscribe to those lists, not yours? How to increase your subscriber list?

The simple reason that not sign up for your newsletter.

The simplest is that we are increasingly reluctant to give our email address to anyone, and we have too much information and resources within our reach: we are saturated.

After all, if it gets into the wrong hands, they could be opening the door to spam, phishing attempts and other vulgar attacks in your inbox.

But it is not just about privacy and security. Your readers have too much on their plates to add another regular to their growing list of read email.

Now do you understand why people are not "falling" into your trap to "subscribe to blog updates"?

The solution is to give them a compelling reason to sign up.

One reason so powerful, so valuable that easily outperforms all its reasons for not doing so.

In other words: bribe.

How is a good bribe or bait? How to use the hook to increase your list of subscribers?

Have you seen this?

Subscribe to blog updates and receive my free ebook X ways to do Y (even if you are Z) "

Not more than a bribe, blackmail: do this for me that I have already done this for you, in this case is: "give me your email address and I'll give you something that is not freely available on my blog. "

But breaking the barrier with your reader is not as easy as it sounds: you must remove their defenses creating something very tempting to do all their prejudices and excuses left over and just think you get what you offer.

Your bribery can be:

The source of inspiration for when your reader has run out of ideas

The promise to solve an urgent problem or relieve persistent pain

The opportunity to broaden knowledge on a topic or area

Route guidance to achieve a desired goal

If the average reader thinks your bribe is something that simply must have, you're on the right track.

But where most bloggers get stuck it is to decide exactly how your bribe should take. Not all want to be the same offering an ebook, which is the entrance to a blog wrapped in a pdf … all want something different to offer, but do not know how to start.

I offer eight types of hooks or other bribes, you can use on your blog, and is the best you can use them all in different ways, and expand and make big your list of subscribers.

The following items will have a list of 8 bribes to increase your list of subscribers.

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Reasons why WordPress is ideal for SMEs – Part 1

Posted by on Jun 19, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Reasons why WordPress is ideal for SMEs – Part 1

What do you do when you're in a place you do not know and you need to buy anything? Well, if you have your phone, you will do an Internet search and find all the information that you need about the business that is around you. 

This scene is increasingly common and, therefore, should make you ask the question: if you have an SME, are you not interested in going out on a search for these? I think so, that every business should be visible on the Internet, and that means having a corporate website that complements those searches.

The websites are a great window for you to meet your potential customers. If it is fast, functional and beautiful, we can make a good impression and attract customers to our store.

Here you have the main information that your website must have.

Homepage. This page briefly describes your business and what you do, indicates where they can find you and when. Its goal is, as you can imagine, capture the interest of those who found you on the web.

About us. Another site worth putting. If your business takes a certain path (for example, is a family business that has more than 50 years in the district), explain that to your customers. Take the opportunity to detail why you are better than your competition.

Products and services. It is not only for electronic shops, if you can do a list, with more or less detail, made it, with an exact explanation of  what you offer and what we will find in your business.

Contact. Finally, leaves open a door for a customer can contact you by mail or a form.

There are other pages that may be of interest to your customers, like Testimonials, where existing customers talk about you and your products; Press or Blog where you can post news related to your business; or Portfolio, which teach earlier work … 

The amount of information that you can get to publish and share on the Internet is huge but begins by focusing on your basics and.

Then, once you are convinced of the need of a website, you can do more job in it.

Today it is no longer necessary to develop websites pecking HTML code from scratch, just use a content management system like WordPress for it. Then you can take another step.

In the second part of this article, you will find 10 reasons why WordPress is ideal for SMEs.

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How to know which version of WordPress you are using

Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on How to know which version of WordPress you are using

Some users don’t know the version of WordPress that his website is using. This information is helpful to know whether the site is updated or not. And if not, we can know what safety problems it may suffer.

Ideally, all websites using WordPress are updated to the latest version (at the time of writing this last is the 4.5.2). But unfortunately we can find many cases where this does not happen. The reasons are varied, from incompatibilities with older versions of plugins or themes, to own sloppiness administrators, who forgets to update.

In this post, I will explain how to find this information in most cases.

Knowing the version of our WordPress

This is the easiest to learn. If you have access to WordPress Desktop just you have to look at the bottom of the window, to the right. There you will find the version of WordPress you are using. “Version 4.5.2”.

Another option is to enter the desktop menu and the widget "At a glance” you can also see which version of WordPress you have installed.

Knowing WordPress version of almost any web

If you do not have access to WordPress (or the Desktop or FTP) and still want to know which version you are using, there are several alternatives that we can use but aren’t 100% effective.

If you come across a WordPress website whose manager is very concerned about safety, you may be the case that hides the version number.

Anyway, here are three ways to try to find this information.

Method 1: Access the readme.html file

Each installation of WordPress includes the readme.html file in the root directory. Unless the webmaster have removed or concealed, if we access it using the address bar we can see the active version of WordPress.

We just write the domain name and add /readme.html in url. If we are lucky we will see the version and some texts that describe the installation process.

Unfortunately, most decent hosting providers hide default, this file (as in our case). I encourage you to try this with your web. If you see the readme.html file, it acts accordingly to avoid problems.

Method 2: Check the tag generator

WordPress adds a default meta tag in the source code of the websites with the generator name. This metatag indicates the version of WordPress in its content.

To get it, just we have to enter the site in question we want to explore and see its source code. To access the source code, we can do it in different ways, depending on the browser used. For example, from Google Chrome you just add view-source: before the web address in the address bar.

Or in Google Chrome you can access from the menu View> Developer> View Source. If you look up the word generator may find the meta tag whose content indicates the version of WordPress.

Method 3: Inspect the login window

Finally, another option is to view the source code, but this time on the login screen. Although can be changed for security reasons, this screen is accessible adding /wp-login.php to the domain name of the web we want to explore.

Once on this page (no need to have the user name and password to enter the desktop) access the source code from the browser (as I explained before) and there have to search the text see =. When JavaScripts or CSS styles are loaded in that window, WordPress adds the version as shown in the following screen (you can see the text see = 4.5.2):

Final summary

Knowing the version of WordPress that a particular website is using, is something not too difficult. We have seen different methods to get this information, which can be used against us if we use an old version of WordPress with security flaws.

I hope this has been helpful information and to try with your web the three methods described to act accordingly. And above all, do not forget to have your WordPress always update!

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How post in Twitter automatically after publish in WordPress?

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on How post in Twitter automatically after publish in WordPress?

Social networks are an excellent way to start generating traffic to your blog and attract a good audience of people interested in your content and products, services or articles.

Professional websites that compete for clicks and visitors cannot ignore the importance of having a plan for social networks and also adapt the sites to make their content easy to share.

However, if we are not careful, can be a huge distraction and a waste of time.

Along with Facebook, Twitter is one of the most popular and employed by millions of people worldwide social networks. They are favorable to share content, connect with people interested in a specific topic.

If you have a blog, it is always good often sent tweets with links to articles that you post, because if you share the article, your content, new or old,  generate traffic to your site. And you will appear in Google more often.

You always can make this process manually, but it can be a huge waste of time, and you can do the entire process with a simple tool!

Post Tweets Automatically From WordPress

Tweetily is a WordPress plugin, which automatically sends tweets from your published articles (randomly selected) in a range of time.

It offers several options to include or exclude categories, modify the publication time between tweets, use services like, includes hashtags and more.

Tweetily can be downloaded from the official site and you can also install it directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

For installation and configuration of the plugin, check out the WordPress site for plugins.

And you can see in this video how to use this plugin

As can you see, it is a process that can be made in less than 5 minutes. After installed, you can set other options, don’t set too many tweets. One every 2 or 3 hours is good, but every half hour could be too much and see it like SPAM.

After configuring publishes high-quality content! It is the best way to make big your blog and help people in your niche.

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Digg Digg a plugin to make your content viral

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Digg Digg a plugin to make your content viral

Social networking is always an important tool for marketing, share content and generate traffic to any blog or website.

There are a large number of plugins in WordPress to do this, like Sharebar, a plugin that allows you to insert a bar at the side of the posts that allow users and readers to share in different social networks easily and quickly.

Sharebar configuration is a bit tedious and involves inserting some codes to your website and it is the best use for SEO and social networks to increase traffic.

But there are some alternatives, and Digg Digg is one of them, an excellent plugin that does the same that Sharebar and it does not require any previous knowledge of coding and can be used with the best social networks!

Digg digg it is maybe the best plugin for insert buttons and makes social networking and viral marketing.

In this article, we will see, step by step, how to set up this excellent plugin in your WordPress based website.

1. Enter your main desktop and click WordPress Plugins> Add New.

Search Digg Digg, install and activate it.

2. Since it is set up, you will see a section called "Digg" on the left side of the desktop. Enter to the Global Setup option.

In this part, you will see options to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks,  add your user to make you mentioned every time someone shares a post. Also review other options if you need to change something.

3. Now that you get your accounts, enters the Floating Display section. This is where you enable or disable various social networks that appear in the sidebar.

You can also set if you like to make the option to share only in your post or in pages, exclude some categories and others.

If you need to reset the options, click on the part up under the blue button that says Floating Reset Display Settings.

4. Now you will see a bar on the left side of your posts and your readers can share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Digg Digg has also a very clean and attractive design. Although the app has not been updated in two years, users still leave good reviews on WordPress site.

They recommend Digg Digg on Sharebar as it is easier to set up, modify and includes by default different social networks without having to add them with code or other methods.

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Theme Authenticity Checker 

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Theme Authenticity Checker 

Security is certainly one of the most important issues which we have to deal on the Internet, and with websites created with WordPress is a big issue too. However, many webmasters, developers and bloggers ignore it until the time comes when your site is hacked or some virus threatens the integrity of their websites.

There are several security plugins that can help strengthen the security of any WordPress installation. One of the most recommended is iThemes Security, an excellent plugin that covers security needs and protects the platform of many possible attacks or security problems.

Nowadays not only the big websites are a target for hackers, the small companies also report hacking problems on their websites, and most of all because they don’t pay attention to security measures.

If you have not installed iThemes Security, you can download it here. And another plugin to download is Theme Authenticity Checker.

One of the security problems that many developers have with WordPress and do not know is that it is possible to use a theme with malicious code, vulnerabilities or links to SPAM sites.

This mainly happens in the following scenarios:

  • Using a poor quality theme 
  • Using a free theme, poorly developed or troubled
  • Download illegally a premium theme and where the provider will put malicious code or some other malware

No matter what theme are you using, it is important to check all to be sure that is in good condition and doesn't present vulnerabilities that can endanger your blog or website. Even when the theme is installed, but not active, can cause a few headaches.

With Theme Authenticity Checker you can check in a couple of clicks on what conditions is the theme and plugins that you have installed on WordPress. If there is a problem with either the plugin or others, the software notifies you and you can take action.

When all this correctly, you will see it too and the plugin will notice you the good news.

Remember that for security concerns WordPress, the best is always to be noticed for not to have to act when your site is in danger. Take precaution, is better to take security measures since day 1, don’t regret your actions when is too late.

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