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How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Website

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Website Theme, Wordpress | Comments Off on How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Website

Aesthetic and visual elements of a certain object are very important to us, and it is no secret that humans are highly susceptible to visual stimulation. We make decisions based on looks and our eyes often deceive us, which comes in handy for marketing experts and traders who “manipulate” our brains and make us buy something we don’t need just because it looks good. The same thing happens with websites, and we love to hang around on those sites which offer pleasant atmosphere, functional interface and stylish features. Design is not the only element which attracts us to a website, but it does play a significant role in this entire process. Luckily for the designers and the creators of websites, things have changed and nowadays they do not have to work hard on positioning every little thing since WordPress platform allows the use of themes, which are a great way to design or edit the way in which your website looks.

WordPress themes are very well-known in the whole world, mostly because WordPress system is so popular. According to a recent research, over 60 million websites use WordPress method, which makes for almost 23% of all global websites. There are more than 2.5000 themes available for users who want to start their own blog or some other type of website, and this numbers is growing at a very fast rate (some say that 20-30 new themes are created daily!). Wide array of options and this enormous number of different themes can be a bit overwhelming at first, but if you narrow your criteria by knowing what it is that you need – the task of going through the best WordPress themes can be a very pleasant one.

Speaking of the best WordPress themes, it is important to say that themes can be divided into two categories: free and premium. Free themes have their advantages, predominantly the price – since they do not cost a thing, but premium themes are the “real deal” and they offer a large number of features, options and design solutions. If you can afford a premium theme, always go with them, but there is also a large number of very good free themes, so the choice is entirely personal. However, no matter the type, there are few things which you should always consider when searching for the perfect member of that group of the best WordPress themes.

For example, elements like design and price are very important, but it is not always easy to reach an agreement between those two categories. The functionality of a website is also very important, so you should always check for speed and responsiveness of a theme. This means that you can choose between a lightweight theme or a theme packed with features, and that your theme can be adaptable to different platforms, predominantly mobile devices. SEO optimization should be already included and your theme should be easy to customize, which means that you will have no problems changing it later and making it just the way you like it.

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