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How many WordPress plugins we need?

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on How many WordPress plugins we need?

One of the questions that are presented to WordPress users is how many plugins are needed and how much can affect the site performance.

There are too many plugins available on the Internet that can be installed on the platform with different functions and purposes. But how many I should install and how many are really needed for the site to have a good performance?

We have more than 30,000 plugins for use in WordPress and developers say that you have to install only the most essential and necessary plugins in because having too many could affect performance and loading speed of your web page.

Is this true?

The truth is that add many plugins is NOT what can affect the speed and performance of your website. The problems come when plugins are installed with a bad code or poorly developed.

In a few words, poor plugins are that slow installation of WordPress, not the number of plugins installed.

And how many plugins should I install on my WordPress?

There is no number established. You have to install the necessary plugins, the ones with good quality and come from a trustworthy developer.

But, how to choose the best plugins for my blog or website?

That will depend on the type of website you need. There will be users that require more or fewer plugins of different types.

Some plugins are essential and are in every WordPress website, like SEO by Yoast, Contact Form 7, Akismet, etc. The others choose must be based on your design requirements, marketing, social networking and other categories.

When you go to install a plugin, make sure it's quality and is well developed in all aspects. To do this you can review comments from other people searching in WordPress or Google, see how many downloads you have and try it for a few days.

If a plugin has few negative comments and downloads, do not use it and search for an alternative.

The concept of "too many plugins" does not exist. There are pages and blogs with 20, 50 or 70 plugins installed with a great performance. You must focus on quality, not quantity.

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Is Slider Revolution Responsive the best plugin to create slides?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Is Slider Revolution Responsive the best plugin to create slides?

Slider Revolution Responsive for WordPress is a plugin that lets you create animated slide anywhere on your website. This is a very popular plugin that has a very extensive editor and allows you to create great detail in your slideshows.

What you can create with this plugin is not simple slides you've seen out there. Here, each slide can have an unlimited number of elements, and each one can be animated and placed with independence.

If we want this application on our website, we can ask a thousand things to the plugin: It is easy to use? Can we add all types of content? The plugin allows us to create what do we want for our website? Is it responsive for mobile devices? Is it adaptable for each theme? Has this plugin the ability to be used in several languages with other language plugins like WPML?

The good

Slider Revolution Responsive offers a highly advanced editor and, at the same time, easy to use. With it, you can add any number of items to each slide in your presentation, and animate it in the way you prefer. You can choose from a large number of  input and output transitions, and the plugin allows you to add text, photos, or even embedded videos.

The interface is simple enough to create simple presentations with texts, but also for those who want to design detailed presentations.

The strongest point of Slider Revolution Responsive is the responsive mobile aspects because it can be adapted to virtually any size and environment, one of the most wanted features these days because every day increases the quantity of users navigating the web thru smartphones and tablets.

The bad

The biggest problem is that Slider Revolution Responsive must still improve the way to stylize text elements. The plugin brings a lot of different styles in shape and color to texts, and even incorporates a CSS editor to change the color, size, background or border of each.

However, for those who do not know HTML or CSS, can sometimes be a bit complex to use. This makes that the large number of options it brings can be a bit overwhelming.


  • The interface is very visual and easy to use
  • Great control over all element of slides
  • Good selection of styles for texts
  • Options to create new styles (and save it)
  • Many different input and output animations
  • Slideshows are responsive
  • Slideshows can be inserted with shortcodes

You can download the plugin from WordPress or from the official website ​​​

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Improve your marketing strategy in the web using Testimonials Widget

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Improve your marketing strategy in the web using Testimonials Widget

In the universe of internet, there are thousands of sites with different formats, objectives, specialties and services, and today on the web we can find the same products that can be found walking the city streets: newspapers, electronic stores, banks, grocery stores, transportation services, hospitals, pharmacies, gift shops and hundreds of department stores.

And that is the main reason why also have increased the number of tools and plugins to improve and optimize the websites, companies that offer such products and services. For those who plan and conduct their websites with WordPress, there are thousands of plugins that allow accomplishing what you want for your company and want and how to communicate over the Internet.

In this article, we will recommend a plugin that has a particular feature: Testimonials Widget, one of the plugins to allow client’s testimonials and the most popular among testimonials plugins.

Testimonies are an effective marketing strategy for any business, they generate credibility and trust even before the consumer had the opportunity to try the product or service. Can be the first approach that a new client can have your company. 

If you have a WordPress site, you might want to implement this strategy to increase the percentage of sales and you can add the plugin immediately and easily through the WordPress plugin panel.

Using Testimonials Widget you can easily display the comments from your customers about your product or service, through a shortcode or widget. This WordPress plugin also has a simple management system accounts for your WordPress site.

At the beginning, it is normal for people who do not know your company, will do not rely much on you or your business. Instead, if they can see or read testimonials from other people who already know you and have used your products or services. Each customer can take videos, pictures and of course text to describe your company.

Opinions, assessments or customer testimonials care about much, in fact, they are a determining factor when deciding whether to acquire a certain product or service factor.

With Testimonials Widget you have the possibility to add text testimonies, but also, you can add a portfolio of projects, videos, photos and reviews.

The plugin allows you to organize by categories, and you can select how to show the testimonies. The format of Testimonials Widget is simple and straightforward. So if you want something more elaborate you have to use CSS to customize it to your liking. The plugin has two versions, Free and Premium.

The free version of Testimonials Widget offers filter slideshows, simple and easy theme adaption, transitions (slide, fade and carousel), testimonies with images, videos, text or mixed content, random display and it is shortcode compatible.

Testimonials Widget Premium version offers all the features of the free version and adds comprehensive support, RSS feeds, any post types for testimonials, 5-star ratings, user submitted testimonials and more election options.

With this WordPress plugin, you will find the most effective way to show your products and services, don’t forget that testimonials are proof that you know putting theory into practice and your customers are happy with your services.

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How to integrate all your tasks in one place

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on How to integrate all your tasks in one place

A few years ago the way of companies work has been changing a lot. With internet and networks now remote work is more common and there are new tools for this kind of work. And along with these changes, new opportunities appears for companies and developers of online tools and resources to give a solution to common problems.

One of the tools for work online is Slack, a team communication tools that has become in one of the most popular in the word, even Slack is used by Nasa, is the main communication tool used by team members that work on Mars projects. 

Slack offers solutions to productivity, but is a communication tool for a team, especially if the members of the project work in different buildings, cities or even time zones. This platform connects members and integrates apps in one place. Using Slack a team member can receive notifications on tasks, alerts or new files in the same place. 

In collaborative work, team members work with files, have conversations, give their ideas, make appointments and give directions and task to others, and to accomplished this use apps, emails and online chats. With Slack, you can have all in one screen. Slacks integrate Google Docs files, Dropbox, any files, emails, social networks -like Facebook and Twitter, videos, music, contact numbers, calendars and more.

Helps with the productivity or your team and gives you new ideas and tools. And you can integrate Slack to your website because also can be installed in your WordPress based web page. If you add the WordPress plugin, you will receive notifications in your Slack profile when some of the users publish a post, your website has a new comment or even if some post needs a change of status (a pending or claimed content). 

Slack offers a real solution to your problems in communication. Every member of your team will be informed of all the events, problems and resolution that occur in your website. Disagreements or repeated task or confused request will disappear with this WordPress plugin.

Github is the creator or Slack and they offer an extension to Slack plugin, like Slack EDD, for Slack for Gravity Forms, for Contact form 7 and WooCommerce. Plugins and extensions that are more than useful in a sector like online companies, that mostly works with remote teams and members.

This WordPress plugin is new in the market. The current version is Slack 0.5.1 and Github developers show special interest and receive reviews for users to improve the tool and give support. In WordPress website,, in the Review section, users can send messages to Slack developers to found answers and others opinions of the WordPress plugin.

The installation process is very simple, upload Slack plugin to your website (in the plugin section) and after go to Slack and add a new incoming Webhooks service. Finally, go back to your website and in your WordPress, log in with your Administrator user and finished the installation by adding the integration.

Make a the move to improve your productivity’s team. Install Slack to made an efficient communication in your company!

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Tips to publish in WordPress part 1

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Tips to publish in WordPress part 1

When you want to have a blog and you don’t know where and how started, is better if you organize your ideas and see which tools do you have to do it. Not for everyone is easy to start a new project and not all people have the natural abilities to work on the Internet. But on the Internet you can find answers and solutions to your problems. And we are going to help you to create your own blog with some advice and tutorials.

Writing and publishing a website is not an easy task, you have to know about writing, about web design and about The Internet, but if you have an idea, the others issues can be solved. With this guide, you will learn about writing process and WordPress tools that you can use. In the second part, we will help you to use WordPress plugins, themes and templates.

Essential tasks before posting in WordPress

Before post an article or content (video, photo, poem, etc.) you have to be sure about the objective or your blog. Is it an informative blog with news? Or a fun place to see funny videos?

1. Give a good format to your content

Write the post is the first necessary step, you can write it on your computer or in the WordPress editor, and like in your text editor, in WordPress do you have some format aspect to give a professional look to your articles, like font size and format (bold, italic and underlined), colors and paragraph styles.  

For websites, you can separate paragraphs correctly, add headers H1, H2, H3, etc., add images and/or videos, make appointments and others related to the design and content structure.

The more simple is your text, the better. Do not do everything piled up or very long paragraphs. You can also add relevant and attractive images that provide a better design and appearance at first sight.

2. Spellcheck

Spelling is one of the most important pillars of any content posted on the Internet. Nobody likes to read text with misspellings, this makes you look bad to both the website and the author.

Before you post, read one last time your entry quickly to check for some error finger.

3. Add categories and tags

The categories and labels help to better classify your content in an organized manner. Choose your categories before publishing, and when you have your post, select the category to which You don’t want to forget to add some tags related to your content.

Tags are simply keywords or terms related to information published in your blog and on the Internet. Although not essential as categories, also to better organize the content of a blog and it’s better for SEO optimization.

4. Featured image

The selection of images of your entry must have a coherence, you don’t want to put images in random parts, you must display in different parts of the content structure and depends heavily on the theme or template used. Add an outstanding image is important to give some identity to the entrance and give a more visual and illustrated look to your blog.

5. Optimization title

Your post must be writing to be successful in social networks and to receive many clicks will depend largely on how it is prepared the title or main heading. For this, I recommend you make a good optimization and review copywriting tips to make the most of this advice. This site will give you some ideas about catchy titles

In this first part, we give you 5 topics to improve your writing in your blog. In the second part, you can learn about SEO optimization, links and calls for actions.

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Instant Articles of Facebook is compatible with WordPress

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Instant Articles of Facebook is compatible with WordPress

A few days ago Facebook announce a new feature: Instant Articles, a way to introduce the company to the blogging and microblogging world, something that Mark Zuckerberg’s company was trying to make in the last months. And now, they inform that blogs created and hosted on WordPress will be compatible with Instant Articles.

The company, released a statement informing that any WordPress blog can now take advantage of this feature, Instant Articles has an advantage and is that articles and publications are loaded almost immediately after clicking on them.

Facebook said that any site, blog or website can use Instant Articles in April. Enabling the extension from today, WordPress ensures that all blogs hosted on its platform or sites within WordPress VIP will be part of Instant Articles from April.

Instant Articles is now available for some weeks for iOS and Android but was used for several months by companies like National Geographic and New York Times, and allows publication charge up to 10 times faster than a traditional page. Users are response very well to the feature and have excellent review for editors and publishers. In addition to increased speed of loading, Instant Articles also have another advantage: instant play on videos and an HD quality in pictures and graphics.

This is a excellent news for people who use WordPress for their blogs, especially because it has been found that Articles Instant increases clicks and shares on Facebook, but, in the other hand, also raises doubts about monetizing advertising.

Instant Articles is not the only initiative to make the fastest and easy to use mobile Internet. We know that Google also has a similar project, called AMP (stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages). Google says that pages with AMP under the scheme are as traditional HTML pages, but with some technical changes for specifications of open source program. Google, contrary to what Facebook established at the beginning, said that any website within the program will work with any browser or web application display.

The importance of increasing the loading speed for mobile platforms is paramount. According to a study published in comScore, smartphones and tablets are already more used than computers and in the United States, 60 percent of the time that people intended in Internet is performed from a mobile device.

Nowadays if you want to have shares and likes in Facebook you have to think in the better way to deliver the information to your readers, and social networks is now the best way to do it. If the social networks are improved his services, you have to be alert and willing to change what ever you need to be in the market, and the work that Facebook and Google are doing, with these improvement to mobile system, can benefit your company.

For those who use WordPress as platform the Facebook’s the press statement is an excellent news, not only because your website can continue using all the tools without making bigger changes (like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and templates), but you will be improve your service or product.

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How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Website

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Website Theme, Wordpress | Comments Off on How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Website

Aesthetic and visual elements of a certain object are very important to us, and it is no secret that humans are highly susceptible to visual stimulation. We make decisions based on looks and our eyes often deceive us, which comes in handy for marketing experts and traders who “manipulate” our brains and make us buy something we don’t need just because it looks good. The same thing happens with websites, and we love to hang around on those sites which offer pleasant atmosphere, functional interface and stylish features. Design is not the only element which attracts us to a website, but it does play a significant role in this entire process. Luckily for the designers and the creators of websites, things have changed and nowadays they do not have to work hard on positioning every little thing since WordPress platform allows the use of themes, which are a great way to design or edit the way in which your website looks.

WordPress themes are very well-known in the whole world, mostly because WordPress system is so popular. According to a recent research, over 60 million websites use WordPress method, which makes for almost 23% of all global websites. There are more than 2.5000 themes available for users who want to start their own blog or some other type of website, and this numbers is growing at a very fast rate (some say that 20-30 new themes are created daily!). Wide array of options and this enormous number of different themes can be a bit overwhelming at first, but if you narrow your criteria by knowing what it is that you need – the task of going through the best WordPress themes can be a very pleasant one.

Speaking of the best WordPress themes, it is important to say that themes can be divided into two categories: free and premium. Free themes have their advantages, predominantly the price – since they do not cost a thing, but premium themes are the “real deal” and they offer a large number of features, options and design solutions. If you can afford a premium theme, always go with them, but there is also a large number of very good free themes, so the choice is entirely personal. However, no matter the type, there are few things which you should always consider when searching for the perfect member of that group of the best WordPress themes.

For example, elements like design and price are very important, but it is not always easy to reach an agreement between those two categories. The functionality of a website is also very important, so you should always check for speed and responsiveness of a theme. This means that you can choose between a lightweight theme or a theme packed with features, and that your theme can be adaptable to different platforms, predominantly mobile devices. SEO optimization should be already included and your theme should be easy to customize, which means that you will have no problems changing it later and making it just the way you like it.

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